To the Editor: Driver not happy to find car towed during church

I was just minding my own business last Sunday morning (2/9) when I parked my car on the freshly
snow-plowed Enterprise Street to attend worship at St. Aloysius Church. The parking lots had not yet
emptied after the 10 a.m. mass, so I found it necessary to park on the street. It was not snowing and
the sun was shining.
Imagine my surprise when I returned to my car sometime later only to find it gone! Yes, I had been a
victim of the ever-vigilant city snow patrol! Those contracted vehicle towing businesses that keep us
citizens from cluttering up the winter streets with our personal transportation devices. But, you’ll
remember that I did say that Enterprise had been recently plowed! So, my car didn’t seem to be
obstructing any work that needed to be done on that street.
With the gracious assistance of friends who transported me home, and then to the police department
(twice), and then on to the impound business I finally had my car back. Oh, and it only cost me a little
over $121, not including my church offering contribution.
I think I learned a valuable and expensive lesson through it all, though. Try to catch a ride to church
with a tow truck on cold and snowy winter Sunday mornings, because they’re out there looking around!
Neil R. Kraft
Director of Music & Liturgy
St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Bowling Green