Some on Perrysburg board originally wanted school audit


To the Editor:
In response to your article, "Perrysburg debates audit demand," let me refresh the Board
Members’ memories. Both Sue Larimer and Cal Smith stated in their pre-election debates that they
supported a performance audit.
Please, see for yourselves and visit the State Auditor’s website. It explains fully what a performance
audit entails. It is not only concerned with finances, but "facilities and asset utilization"
as well.
I hardly think the districts that have chosen to do performance audits appreciate being labeled as
"struggling with academics and experiencing declining enrollment."
Perhaps the recommendation of "slashing staff positions and providing only the minimum services and
standards required by the state" may mean that some administration positions could (and should) be
slashed. Wouldn’t want to do that now would we?
New people step up to run for offices, promising change, and making promises to their supporters.
But, then they get elected and "drink the Kool-Aid" and things are no different than they were
Mary Catherine Caron

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