Snafu costs electric customers


LIME CITY – More than 1,600 Perrysburg Township residents may receive gift cards for the savings they
will lose after being mistakenly dropped from an electric-aggregation program.
The group of residents received letters from FirstEnergy last month indicating they would be dropped from
the township’s plan with another provider. They were told to ignore the letters after the company
indicated they were sent by mistake and customers would not be dropped.
Township Administrator Walt Celley said at last week’s trustees meeting that he learned the error did, in
fact, lead to those customers being dropped and unable to rejoin the plan until next month.
"They are proposing to compensate the people who were inadvertently dropped," Celley said,
noting that the township has requested $20 for anyone affected.
The average loss to a residential customer is about $4, Celley said.
In other business, representatives of the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum asked the township for a
contribution to the effort, with an eye on opening this spring. The Spafford House, the museum’s home on
West River Road, was the first home built in Perrysburg Township in 1823, said J.D. Justus, liaison for
the project.
After presenting some of the items that will appear in the museum, including the township’s first fire
truck, museum board members said they could use some help finally opening the building, a project more
than a decade in the making.
"We’d like to finish the basement (and) we have lighting to put outside," Justus said.
"There are three phases; we’re only in phase one. We’d like to get the building open in the next
two or three months."
Responding to a question about the project’s sustainability from trustee Bob Mack, Justus indicated the
home isn’t mortgaged, and group members said the museum has been supported by donated labor and
materials in addition to an endowment.
Justus said the city of Perrysburg contributed $10,000, with Rotary Club of Perrysburg kicking in
With trustee Gary Britten absent from the meeting, board members Craig LaHote and Mack said they wanted
to wait a short time until he could weigh in on making a donation.
Also on Wednesday, police Chief Mark Hetrick announced dates for the citizen police academy. For a few
hours each Thursday evening from April 3 to May 29, classes will review aspects of the township police
department’s operations, such as road patrol, use of force, and prevention of different types of crime.

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