Schools frustrated by state grades

Local superintendents are still frustrated with how the state is reporting students’ progress.
"Parents can understand overall achievement. But more details is very challenging to
understand," said Bowling Green Superintendent Ann McVey.
Elmwood Superintendent Tony Borton echoed that sentiment.
"I do feel that the state keeps adding items and I feel that it is getting harder to understand by
the general public. Even some I can’t explain how they arrived at the score they did."
Elmwood earned four A’s, one B, three C’s and one D on the 2013-14 state Report Card.
The D was in Gap Closing.
Bowling Green earned three A’s, one B, four C’s and one F. That low score also was in Gap Closing, which
measures how well a district is doing in narrowing gaps in reading, math and graduation rate among
students according to socioeconomic, racial, ethnic or disability status and determines whether every
student is succeeding.
The challenge in the district is with students with disabilities and who are economically disadvantaged,
said McVey.
Perrysburg has passed its Report Card with all A’s and B’s.
All school districts in the county still have work to do to earn all A’s in all nine components of the
The 2013-14 report was released Friday by the Ohio Department of Education, and gives school officials
information on how well students are performing and to identify improvement areas.
The ratings include nine letter grades – A through F – for a variety of measures, including graduation
rate and progress in learning for those students gifted and with disabilities. This is the second year
that results have been reported using letter grades.
All districts except Perrysburg, Elmwood, Rossford, and Lake received an F in at least one of nine
Eastwood and Perrysburg are the only two districts to meet all academic indicators.
There are 24 indicators that 80 percent of students must pass for the district to meet that indicator.
Tests include in reading, math, science, social studies and writing.
"This is a nice accomplishment considering they increased the passage rate required from 75 percent
to 80 percent," said Eastwood Superintendent Brent Welker. Lowest in that area were Elmwood and
Rossford, both with 75 percent.
Eastwood, Perrysburg, Rossford, Elmwood, Bowling Green and Northwood all earned A’s in the overall Value
Added component. The goal here to is have every student gain more than one year of knowledge.
Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler was happy with results, especially in the academic indicators.
"We understand that these scores don’t tell the whole story. We’re proud of how we do on state
tests, and we’re equally proud of those things that we do that are not reflected in these scores, such
as arts, student leadership and activities, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement and
student services," said Hosler.
"Overall I am pleased with some areas and see areas for improvement also," said Borton.
"Based on the grades received, our biggest challenges are with Annual Measurable Objectives and
Gifted," according to Northwood Superintendent Greg Clark.
The district earned a D and an F in those two areas, respectively.
"It is good to see that the trend line on our Performance Index continues to move in a positive
direction with that score being the highest we have ever achieved as a district at 99.6 percent,"
he added.
The Performance Index shows how many students passed the state test.
All districts except Otsego, Northwood and Lake earned an A in the Graduation Rate component. A district
needs to have at least 93 percent of students in the  Class of 2013 who graduated within four years.
Otsego has 92.6 percent, Northwood had 92.8 percent, and Lake had 92.3 percent, earning each a B.
North Baltimore had the highest rate, achieving 100 percent.
A full list of both district and building Report Cards can be viewed at