Rossford agrees on mutual aid deal

ROSSFORD – Rossford City Council last week approved a mutual aid agreement with Perrysburg, but not
before making sure its residents wouldn’t lose service.
The agreement calls for Rossford to respond to every structure fire in Perrysburg, and for Perrysburg to
do the same for Rossford.
Councilman Jerry Staczek said he was concerned that if an accident or fire occurred in Rossford at the
same time as an incident in Perrysburg, that would leave no one to respond. He also noted one of the
city’s two ambulances is currently out of service for refitting.
The Fire Department, he said, already has problems mustering enough volunteers to answer some calls
during the day.
Councilman Daniel Wagner said those instances when there would be simultaneous calls were rare.
Perrysburg typically has about a dozen structural fires a year, though it had only nine in 2013.
City Manager Ed Ciecka said: "If we don’t have a crew available we won’t respond."
"I don’t think it’s a big issue," said Fire Chief Josh Drouard.
Asked if he felt this agreement would make the citizens of Rossford safer, Drouard said, "yes."

The agreement was approved by council unanimously. Greg Marquette was absent.
The city is also pondering how to handle its water rescue service. Its one boat is now being repaired and
it has a loaner.
About a dozen firefighters are trained for water rescue, Drouard said.
Staczek said the city needs to seriously look at its water rescue service, and upgrade its capabilities
if it decides that’s needed.
Wagner responded that usually other boaters come to the assistance of a boater in trouble before the Fire
Department can get there.
If someone is submerged, Rossford calls in Lucas County crews.
Other problems can be handle by the U.S. Coast Guard.
Staczek persisted in his demand that the city, given the fact it operates a marina, look into its water
safety services.
Given the number of issues facing council and the city, Councilwoman Caroline Eckel suggested council
hold all scheduled meetings. Typically it has canceled some meetings in the summer.