Mulch bags contain less than stated


REYNOLDSBURG – The Ohio Department of Agriculture recently issued a stop-sale order for all 1.5 cubic
foot bags of mulch produced by the Ohio Mulch company before April 6 this year.
Following up on a complaint, the department’s Division of Weights and Measures inspectors tested 1.5
cubic foot bags of Ohio Mulch products being offered for retail sale at Speedway, Thornton’s and
Certified gas stations. ODA inspectors randomly selected 18 bags from three different product lines on
March 31, 2014: Absolute Black, Absolute Red and Premium Cypress. Six bags were tested for each product
and every bag failed to contain either the stated amount of 1.5 cubic feet or an amount within the
maximum allowable variation of 5 percent.
Inspectors visited the Ohio Mulch manufacturing facility and tested bags being filled. The company
indicated a faulty bagging machine was removed and replaced on April 6, 2014. Each of the bags tested at
the manufacturing facility were found to either contain the correct amount of product, or to be within
maximum allowable variation.
Inspectors also recently began testing other mulch products from Ohio Mulch and other mulch
Random samples taken from a retailer in Franklin County were tested and failed to contain the stated
amount. 819 bags of 2 cubic feet mulch were ordered off-sale at that location and the department will
continue conduct random sampling of mulch bags and respond to complaints.
The company has indicated they will offer 50 cents per bag refunds plus 50 cents for postage for every
customer who purchased these products, and discounts for future purchases.
Customers need to mail proof of purchase of these products to Ohio Mulch, P.O. Box 650, Blacklick, OH
43004. Customers with questions should contact the company at 614-592-2793.

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