Local Briefs 09-02-14

Bicyclist assaulted by driver
Police are seeking the public’s help after a bicyclist was reportedly struck by a car door in an assault
incident Sunday.
The incident is under investigation.
According to Bowling Green Police, the victim indicated he was riding his bicycle in the area of Manville
Avenue and Scott Hamilton Avenue at approximately 3 a.m. when a gray Ford F-150 pickup truck drove by.

A male passenger of the vehicle then opened the door, striking the bicyclist.
The bicyclist fell off of the bike and struck the ground, reportedly causing two of his front teeth to be
knocked out.
A partial license plate of “GGN” was supplied to police.
Sexual assault reported in BG
A sexual assault incident was reported in Bowling Green Saturday.
The incident was reported to police around 5:13 a.m.
Additional details on the incident, including a location where the incident allegedly occurred, were not
available this morning.
Babers is Kiwanis guest
First year Bowling Green State University head football coach Dino Babers will inform the Bowling Green
Kiwanis Club at noon on Thursday at Stone Ridge Golf Club about the Falcons’ preparation for their home
opener this week.
Babers came to BGSU earlier this year after compiling a 19-7 record in two seasons at Eastern Illinois
Tonight — Partly cloudy. Lows around 60.
Wednesday — Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 80s. Lows in the lower 60s.
Extended forecast — Partly cloudy Thursday with highs in the upper 80s and lows around 70. Partly sunny
Friday with a 50-percent chance of rain during the day. Highs in the upper 80s. Lows in the lower 60s
with a 60-percent chance of rain overnight.
Classic Lotto: 03-23-
Kicker: 7-8-5-3-4-2
Pick 3 Evening: 6-9-4
Pick 3 Midday: 5-0-9
Pick 4 Evening: 6-5-1-1
Pick 4 Midday: 4-9-3-4
Pick 5 Evening: 6-7-8-
Pick 5 Midday: 2-8-3-
Rolling Cash 5: 04-28-
Pick 3 Evening: 8-9-9
Pick 3 Midday: 9-3-5
Pick 4 Evening: 6-0-6-0
Pick 4 Midday: 8-8-5-4
Pick 5 Evening: 3-1-6-
Pick 5 Midday: 4-0-3-
Rolling Cash 5: 01-05-
Pick 3 Evening: 3-9-7
Pick 3 Midday: 7-3-0
Pick 4 Evening: 5-2-9-2
Pick 4 Midday: 6-9-5-3
Pick 5 Evening: 5-0-8-
Pick 5 Midday: 7-0-0-
Rolling Cash 5: 13-31-
Classic Lotto: 17-30-
Kicker: 7-2-5-7-4-0
Powerball: 05-28-31-
52-59 Powerball: 27
Power Play: 2
Weather statistics
High Saturday    86
Record high (set in 1932)    100
High a year ago    88
Low Saturday    65
Record low (set in 1867)     36
Low a year ago    63
High Sunday    84
Record high (set in 1951)    105
High a year ago    85
Low Sunday    71
Record low (set in 1915)     35
Low a year ago    67
High Monday    88
Record high (set in 1953)    97
High a year ago    85
Low Monday    69
Record low (set in 1871)     36
Low a year ago    70
Precipitation (in the last 72 hours)    0.12 inch