Humane Society thanks supporters at festival

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Wood County Humane Society, we want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who
helped make our recent fundraising event at the Black Swamp Arts Festival so successful.  
Thank you to Miranda Liss and the staff at Pisanello’s Pizza for once again sponsoring the pizza booth at
the BSAF. Thank you to the Bowling Green County Club for loaning us a golf cart to transport pizza,
soda, and ice during the festival. Thank you to Jan Harr for organizing the volunteer efforts and thank
you to our tireless volunteers who donated their time and labor to sell pizza for us. Finally, thank you
to everyone who stopped by our tent to purchase a slice of pizza, a bottle of water, or a can of soda.  

Proceeds from this event will help provide care for the homeless and abused animals housed at the WCHS.
The money raised also will help pay for special programs sponsored by the organization, like the cruelty
investigation division, a spay/neuter program, and Safe Pets, which helps people escaping domestic
violence situations get temporary care for their pets through the WCHS. We simply could not do what we
do without the support and generosity of our local community. We thank you on behalf of the animals.
Wood County Humane Society Board: Lori Young, Kathy Dean, Lisa Kern, Maria Smithers, Lori Keller, Sue
Frost, Connie Black-Postl, Emily Keegan, Heath Diehl and Deb Johnson