Gardens feature more than plants

A fountain sits on
display at Lievens Market in Perrysburg. (Photos: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)

PERRYSBURG – Though spring technically has a couple of weeks left, most gardens have been planted for the
season. Yes, there will still be plenty of ways to get your hands dirty over the coming weeks and
months. However, many families are now turning their efforts to other ways to enhance their gardens and
According to Stephanie Jaqua, store manager of Lievens Market and Outdoor Living, she has seen a trend of
those who like to add variety.
Both she and owner Chad Lievens offer an extensive range of products to help adorn a garden with what she
said are unique and distinctive pieces.
Wind chimes remain very popular, but they are also evolving into different areas.
One of those is a beaded tree with rust bells – what Jaqua more simply referred to as a bell tree.
The tree fits over a thin rod and is then stuck in the ground. The decoration can be placed anywhere in
the garden with the bells free to ring out in the wind while the beads reflect the light.
"You can stick it in a bare spot or put it in the middle of a shrub," Jaqua said.
At the time of the Sentinel’s visit, the bell trees were located in the loft area of the barn on the
property. Lievens takes great pride in the barn which features reclaimed wood from various Wood County

Decorative garden pots
for line a wall at Lievens Market in Perrysburg.

They have additional wood available for those who want to create their own garden items from the wood.

Water features continue to evolve with many intricate fountains available. They range from a simple
flowing fountain to an ornate multi-layered feature. There is a fountain room in the barn.
Jaqua says they also have continued a tradition established when the facility operated as Moser’s.
"Moser’s was known for its statuary and memorial decorations. We continue to offer those
items," she said.
Beyond the traditional items, they also try to provide newer things such as garden pendulums which are
heavy metal pieces that rock back and forth in the wind or when pushed.
"We like to feature variety and items with whimsy," Lievens said.
Jaqua added that another trend is mixing herbs and fragrant plants and shrubs amongst the garden to
enhance the senses in the garden.
Lievens Market is located at 10411 Fremont Pike (U.S. Routes 20 and 23).
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