Elmwood FFA members advance toward degrees


The Elmwood FFA recently participated in the Regional FFA Evaluation at Bowling Green High School. Six of
the chapter’s officers and assistant officers entered their respective officer books where they were
ranked against other books from throughout Northwest Ohio.
The chapter’s secretary’s book entered by Secretary Taylor Barndt and Assistant Secretary Makayla Mohre
scored a perfect score of 100 points and ranked first in the district out of 16 entries.
Another officer book entered was the treasurer’s book. This entry found Treasurer Morgan Huff and
Assistant Treasurer Marisa Ayala also receiving a perfect score of 100 points and ranking first out of
15 in District 1. Their book included a monthly record of receipts and disbursements, individual members
records, a record of all chapter special projects, and a budget and inventory record.
The third officer book entered by the chapter was the reporter’s scrapbook and it too, received a perfect
99.99 points. This meant that Reporter Meagan Wise and Assistant Reporter Ashley Veryser ranked first
out of 17 District 1 reporters. The scrapbook included copies of all chapter news articles and pictures,
copies of chapter newsletters, and snapshots of chapter activities with captions.
Other chapter members participating in the Regional evaluation included seven State Degree applicants and
seven American Degree applicants. Those applying for the State Degree include Treg Snowden, Megan
Hathaway, Dylan Benschoter, Ashley Veryser, Katie Peters, Meagan Wise and Angelique Franks. These
applicants found out they will be receiving the State Degree after completing the State evaluation which
took place Feb. 27. American Degree applicants include Brittany George, Isaiah Lundquest, Dimitri
Davidson, Madison Reinhard, Tyler Morlock, Cassandra Shaffer and Jon Shinew. American Degree recipients
are not announced until July.
District 1 Public Speaking and Job Interview contests took place on Feb. 11 in Defiance County. Elmwood
had three members participate in the public speaking portion while three also competed in the job
interview event. Chelsie Schmitz represented the chapter in the Advanced Prepared speech contest where
she placed fourth and earned a silver rating. Her topic was on combating world hunger. Jack Hagemeyer
represented the chapter in the Extemporaneous portion of the contest. He placed third and received a
silver rating. In the Extemporaneous contest, members draw a topic and are given 30 minutes to prepare a
4 to 6-minute speech. They then present their speech and answer questions over it at the conclusion of
their presentation. Elmwood’s other participant, Luke Hagemeyer, competed in the Creed contest. He
placed fourth with a gold rating. During the Creed event, contestants memorize the FFA Creed and present
it to a panel of judges. At its conclusion members answer questions on their knowledge and
In the job interview event, Elmwood was represented in Division 1 (Freshmen) by Kalli Fisk. She ranked
second and narrowly missed advancing to the state contest. In Division 2 (Sophomores) Elmwood’s Alexis
Miller placed first and earned the right to advance to the state competition. At that level she placed
third. Joining Alexis at the state competition was Division 5 (first-year Juniors or Seniors) winner
Kassara Bradford. She also placed third at the state level.

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