Drop in for Horizon’s drama classes


Horizon Youth Theatre will offer Drama Club Classes on character development and improv on Wednesday from
6:30 to 6 p.m. at the Woodland Mall near the cinemas.
The cost is $5 and no pre-registration is required.
Students aged 6 to 9 will be introduced to the concept of creating unique and individualized characters.

Students will participate in two activities that will help them learn how to incorporate emotions,
movements, and voice to the characters that they will create, while also interacting with other
characters created by their peers. The instructor is Jalesa Earby.
For ages 10 to 18, instructor Zack Robb will show how to explore the world of improv.
They will focus on warm ups that will focus on expanding one’s ability to take in information and respond
in quick-witted and humorous fashion.
Watch for more classes the second Wednesday of each month.

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