Bittersweet Farms active with donating food and volunteers


WHITEHOUSE – In 2013, Bittersweet Farms received a generous grant from the United States Department of
Agriculture to expand the horticulture program.
One of the goals and outcomes of that grant has been to increase community interaction of Bittersweet
participants with members of the community. Bittersweet Farms has collaborated with a local church and
local food pantries to share fresh produce with low income, community members.
Participants from the Bittersweet Pemberville Transition Program volunteer at the Anthony Wayne Food
Pantry, carrying groceries to cars. On average, the participants volunteer 96 hours per year at the food
Other volunteers serve a variety of projects around Whitehouse and Northwest Ohio. These collaborations
with the community have built a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem for Bittersweet Farms
participants who are all diagnosed with autism.

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