‘Big and Loud’ therapy program introduced for Parkinson’s patients


Bowling Green Care Center has announced the addition of the Big & Loud Parkinson’s program to
their therapy department.
Big & Loud provides patient empowerment by improving motor function, speech clarity and volume
for those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.
The BIG‚Ñ¢ treatment trains a single target of amplitude (bigger movements), teaches the amount of effort
required to produce normal movements, transforms bigger movements into everyday activities and helps
patients establish a life-long habit of the practice.
The LOUD‚Ñ¢ program is available through a speech language pathologist at the facility. It is common for
individuals with Parkinson’s disease to have difficulty speaking at amplitude that others are able hear.
This program addresses the issue by helping patient’s improve voice and speech function through
repetitive tasks.
The new therapy programs are offered through the specially trained and certified physical and speech
therapists at Bowling Green Care Center. To learn more, or to schedule a tour of r, call Jeff Miller at

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