BGHS to shift to block scheduling in 2015-16


Next year’s classroom schedule at Bowling Green High School will address the district’s strategic plan to
create smaller classes and provide more sections of each course.
The plan, outlined at Tuesday’s board of education meeting, will create longer class periods on
"block" days for certain activities, such as physical education and science labs.
Dirk Conner, high school math teacher and a member of the building leadership team, explained that the
changes also allow for more intervention for students in need, less time out of the class for meetings
and assemblies, and club meetings during intervention/enrichment (I/E) time to free up after school
He said the change could not occur "without the fantastic staff open to new things."
A parent meeting is planned for Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. in the high school library to discuss the changes.
The new time schedule includes eight 43-minute periods for three days a week, and four 79-minute periods
for two days a week.
It allows for two I/E periods a week.
The high school currently has seven periods, 50 minutes each.
"The schedule is customized to our needs and needs of our students," Conner said.
Board member Ed Whipple asked if there is an evaluative tool in place to measure success.
Conner said no, but school officials will get input from both students and teachers.
The schedule meets the teachers’ master agreement, so no changes in the contract are necessary.

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