4-H News: 03-19-14

Klassy Kids
Klassy Kids 4-H Club met at McDonald’s on March 9. Members had a short meeting to turn in enrollment form
and everyone did that. It is planned that "Join Hands Day" will be held May 3.
The next scheduled meeting is at 4 p.m. March 23 at the North Baltimore McDonald’s.
Lucky Charms
The Lucky Charms 4-H Club met March 9 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.
March is Frozen Food Month! In honor of this little know holiday, members responded with their favorite
frozen food for roll call. Frozen strawberries and bananas were common favorites.
For her Health and Safety report, Analisa Bihary passed out "Wellness Charts," and explained
how they can be used to track overall health.
Members discussed 4-H Quilt Day, and committee.
For demonstrations, Mandy Hartman brought Bentley, her new puppy, and discussed puppy care. A trio of
boys joined forces as they showed fellow members how to make healthy trail mixes from dried fruit,
popcorn, pretzels, and goldfish crackers for their project, Snack Attack. Keira Miller demonstrated how
to use chopsticks. For snack, members created their own trail mixes and enjoyed eating it with
chopsticks. Cloverbud Jacob Johnson shared multigrain pretzels he made for his 4-H Yeast Breads project.

Flour and fun could be found all over the church kitchen, as members measured and weighed equal volumes
of sifted and unsifted flour. They found that, even when the volume was equal, the amount of flour
varied greatly depending on if it was sifted or not. Members also experimented with liquid measuring
cups and water.
The next meeting will be held on Saturday.
Jackson Livestock
On March 9 Jackson Livestock 4-H club held its second meeting of the year at the Ohio State farm research
One of the things members talked about is if they should sponsor any trophies for the Wood County Fair.
The club decided to sponsor a trophy for goat showing. The club also discussed about when the members
are doing demonstrations, and Kortlan Sheeks and Bridgette Swartzs volunteered for next meeting.
The members filled out enrollment forms also and they said what each wants to do for the fair.
To close the meeting club adviser Matt Davis spoke on hazardous waste and how to limit our waste.
Portage Valley
On March 9 the Portage Valley 4-H Club met at Zion Lutheran Church in Luckey. Advisers Ms. Sander and
Deanne Corken explained how to present your project and earn a superior rating.
Members talked about their float and the theme, which will be "Go for the Gold." The Cloverbuds
shared their self portraits and what they learned about "wants" verses "needs."
The next meeting is scheduled for March 23 at 6:30 p.m.
4-H reports
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