Ohio is redistricting disaster

To the Editor:

The primary election is only two months away, but there is chaos in Ohio’s electoral system.

We can’t elect people to the House of Representatives and the General Assembly until we have new district maps. The Redistricting Commission, whose membership includes Gov. Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, and State Auditor Keith Faber, are having trouble following the constitution.The Ohio Supreme Court overturned all of the approved maps that were presented to them.

The mapmakers seem to be more concerned about creating districts that benefit their political ambitions than with creating maps that benefit Ohioans as a whole. According to the Ohio Capital Journal, some district lines were adjusted to make sure the incumbents could run in their districts.

Please contact the commission and tell them to stop their partisan bickering and follow the constitution, as they were directed to do by the Supreme Court. This redistricting disaster is clear evidence that maps should be drawn by an independent commission, not by politicians who are motivated by political self-interest.

Debbie Dalke

Bowling Green