Five-peat champions


JERRY CITY — What is the word you use to refer to a team that has won five consecutive titles?

The answer: Five-peat.

Eastwood Middle School’s quiz bowl team won Monday’s 2022 Northwest Ohio Quiz Bowl Tournament for grades seven and eight.

They beat Bowling Green Christian Academy for the third time. The final score was 100-44.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said coach Ken Perkins about his team’s fourth straight win. “We have good kids here at Eastwood. They work hard.”

Eastwood’s reign started in 2018 (under a different coach) with a win over Otsego, 96-86. The next two years, the team beat Bowling Green Christian Academy, 64-62 in 2019 and 86-82 in 2020.

In 2021, Eastwood beat Gibsonburg, 72-68.

Eastwood had two returning eighth graders this year: Austin Miller and Henry Howard.

“I think we did pretty good,” Miller said. “I was a little worried at the beginning (of the finals), but once we started going, I started to get my confidence back.”

Eastwood led all three rounds in the final match, scoring 36-16, 28-10 and 36-18.

Miller prefers math and mythology and was the one who buzzed in correctly on many of the math problems.

Howard, who likes language arts and geology questions, indicated with a head nod he was looking forward to a rematch with BGCA.

“It felt good beating them again,” he said.

Happy Brooks, who coaches the BGCA team, said they beat Eastwood in the regular season.

“I was really impressed by how they did today,” she said about her team.

Nemo Barnes, who was the academy’s top scorer, looked forward to the rematch.

“I hoped that would carry on to today,” he said about the earlier win. “Of course, it didn’t.”

“I thought they were a little challenging and we didn’t know them,” Barnes said about the tournament questions.

Perkins said he thought there were several teams that could win.

“We’re just going to pay whoever advances in the tournament,” he said, adding that some of his team members were nervous going into the championship round.

“I just tell them to do the best they can do,” Perkins said.

BGCA’s Barnes correctly answered isosceles to the question of what triangle has two sides of equal length.

Eastwood’s Caiden Lewis knew it was “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” movie that used clapping coconuts to make the sound of the horses’ hooves clopping.

Teams also answered questions on Greek mythology, authors, movies and musicals, history and science.

Neither team in the championship round knew Billy the Kid’s real name was William H. Bonney.

Neither also answered correctly the decade when James Buchanan was elected president and was four years before the start of the Civil War. The answer was the 1850s.

Woodmore, the second-seeded team, was unable to make the tournament for an undisclosed reason.

Eastwood, ranked first in the league, sat out during the quarterfinal rounds.

North Baltimore, ranked fifth, beat Elmwood, ranked fourth, in a quarterfinal game, 94-54. North Baltimore then lost to Eastwood, 76-64, in a semifinal match.

Third-ranked BGCA beat Lake, which was ranked sixth, in the second quarterfinal match, 82-86.

BGCA then defeated Otsego, 74-32, in a semifinal match.

Otsego, which was ranked seventh, was supposed to play Woodmore but was moved automatically into the semi-finals with Woodmore’s no-show.

Eastwood’s team also included Brayden Barnhart, Sydney Bell, Cameron Brinker, Zander Napierala and Savanah Stephens.

Joining Barnes on the BGCA team were Jack Keylock, Graham Malanga, Chase Armentano, Addy Brooks and Brooklyn Donnell.

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