$1.9M roundabout coming to Crossroads


ROSSFORD — Council has awarded a $1.9 million contract for the Crossroads Parkway-Sportsman’s Drive Roundabout roadway improvement project to Geddis Paving and Excavating.

At Monday’s meeting, Law Director Kevin Heban said that this is where the Kenworth project is going in. The flashing light that is currently at the intersection will be removed. It will allow all trucks from Kenworth to travel left and right.

“The way it is set up now, they could not make a left-hand turn, because of safety issues,” Heban said.

The project was designed in-house by civil engineer Todd Audet, Rossford director of economic development.

This was the first council meeting to be virtually streamed live by the city with the new system. It was to be started on the first council meeting of the year, but had been delayed several times due to staffing issues that had the city building closed on numerous days this year.

“We are excited to be able to provide our council meetings via Facebook Live. On our website, it would be the City of Rossford Government page, for Facebook. We can get a lot more people involved that way,” City Administrator Allyson Murray said.

Murray finished training with Vincent Krolak, of Digital Solutions, just prior to the meeting.

Council approved the purchase of a parcel of land at the back of 313 Beech St. for $25,000. Murray said that the land could be used for multiple purchases, suggestions included: a parking lot or a playground, but would ultimately like to utilize a rail-trail or Clean Ohio Grant package to link several pickleballcourts already in use at close proximity to the property.

A second property consisting of four parcels was also purchased by the city at the back portion of 513 Superior St. for $300,000.

Murray suggested that it be used for a possible turn lane at the intersection of Glenwood Road and Superior Street.

The police mutual aid contract with local municipalities and political subdivisions was renewed until Jan. 1, 2023.

A five-year contract with Huntington National Bank was approved for banking services.

An ordinance was added to the agenda and approved unanimously by council, with the second and third readings suspended, to amend the construction contract for TetraTech by adding Windsor Drive to the paving program.

The meeting began with an executive session for discussion of personnel.

Councilman Bob Toth has been named chair of the public works committee.

Council President Caroline Eckel and Councilman Larry Oberdorf were absent, but excused by council.

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