Tech tops needs in Perrysburg Twp.

LIME CITY – Information technology issues have become a stumbling block for emergencies and the township is considering a new position to maintain the systems.

Fire Chief Tom Brice and Police Chief Mark Hetrick have also requested that the Perrysburg Township Trustees have a discussion on information technologies issues.

“Deputy Chief (Jim) Rodriguez is spending an inordinate amount of time on IT issues, instead of deputy chief issues,” Brice said.

Hetrick noted that with both departments the number of wires coming into the department were excessive. There were electrical wires, cable and other communication lines that had never been removed from old uses, which created confusion when tech issues emerged.

“It all needs to be ripped out,” Hetrick said. “You call these different vendors and they all blame each other.

“Fuses are popping. It’s a mess,” he said.

Walt Celley, township administrator, said that the rewiring problem was a different issue, but conceded that maybe a tech person with some electrical background might also be helpful for the township offices.

He had recently spoke with the representative from Perry ProTech, which does most of the tech support for the township. The recommendation was that it be a person with more than just desktop support experience.

Fiscal officer Hannah Nelson agreed that the number of tech support calls has increased over the last year and having a tech person on staff would reduce the number of calls that ultimately hit the budget.

The current hourly labor rates for Perry ProTech are $130 for a desktop engineer, $170 for an intermediate engineer, $205 for an advanced engineer and $115 for a physical security engineer.

“Maybe we need to look for a more of an IT type,” Trustee Gary Britten said of the next hire for the township.

Administration will work on a job description.

The rise in fire department and EMS calls continues, with the busiest January on record.

“That’s been kind of par for the course,” Brice said.

There were 179 total calls, made up of 153 for EMS and the remaining 26 with the fire department.

The police and fire departments will be splitting coverage of an $8,002 purchase order with Perry ProTech on battery back-ups with the dispatch center.

A purchase order for the Intellitech of $12,806 for the RMS system was approved.

Another purchase order was approved for $5,000 for uniform costs, which will be covered by the drug fund.

The police department hired Sean McCarthy as a new officer, at $32.43 per hour, starting Feb. 27.

Girl Scout Troop 10020 from Rossford High School presented thanks to the township for help with the annual cookie drive.

“The Girl Scouts and I would like to thank you for letting us use your building and helping us distribute cookies,” and Bob Warnimont, recreation department director.

”We couldn’t have done it without him,” said Girl Scout Sophia Shinever.

Warnimont said for more than 30 years the troop has used the township buildings for the cookie drive.

Trustee Bob Mack was absent, but excused.