Elmwood playground plans approved


JERRY CITY — Elmwood youngsters will get a new play area this fall.
At the March meeting, the board of education approved a contract with Morlock Asphalt, of Portage, to do
the work.
The $49,900 project will start after students leave for summer break.
The funds will come out of the general operating budget, said Superintendent Tony Borton.
The top layer of the basketball court will be milled and removed. A new layer of asphalt will be applied
to the entire court.
That work, plus the addition of the keys for the court and other striping as well as four-square
striping, is $25,450.
Morlock also has recommended sealing the blacktop on the preschool side at a cost of $2,700.
Filling in the area around the basketball court with mulch would mean tearing everything out, putting
down stone and then adding mulch. That would cost an estimated $19,600.
Morlock could do all this work for $47,750.
An original estimate of $7,100 was reevaluated and the new cost of pulling and resetting the existing
basketball poles is $2,150.
The plan is to have an outline of a map of the U.S. painted on the playground at a cost of $950. Those
plans depend upon the painter’s schedule, Borton said. The work could be done next summer.
Also being discussed are painting inspirational sayings, the state of Ohio and the mascot, and adding
corn hole and large checker boards.

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