Gavarone proposes bond to fund H2Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio — State Senators Theresa Gavarone, R-Bowling Green, and Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights,
have introduced Senate Joint Resolution 2, providing a long-term solution for H2Ohio funding, they said
in a Tuesday press release.
H2Ohio is a statewide watershed planning and management program, established in 2019, to coordinate and
build upon the shared efforts of state and local partners to improve water quality throughout Ohio.
The resolution creates a $1 billion bond to be disbursed over 10 years for water quality improvement
projects throughout Ohio.
“As an early advocate of the H2Ohio program, I am proud of its massive success in cleaning up our
waterways. However, the reality is this funding could disappear at any time,” Gavarone said. “We need a
bipartisan, long-term funding plan solely focused on water quality improvement projects in Lake Erie and
other bodies of water across the state, and Senate Joint Resolution 2 will help make that happen.”
If approved by Ohio voters, the money would be used towards the improvements of the following:
water treatment and wastewater treatment systems
water quality research
reducing open lake disposal of dredged material into Lake Erie & other bodies of water
agricultural best management practices including water resource management
watershed restoration, and soil and water conservation
other sewer and water capital improvements

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