Reminders for BG residents filing income tax returns

The City of Bowling Green income tax filing due date is April 15 for 2020 tax returns. Payments for 2020
tax returns and the first quarter 2021 estimated tax payment are also due April 15.
The Bowling Green Income Tax Division requires a copy of federal tax returns (Form 1040) and all W-2s. If
claiming Bowling Green withholding or a credit for taxes paid to another municipality, the W-2 needs to
report this withholding.
Taxpayers can avoid postage by using the drop box located outside the City Administration Building at 304
N. Church St. The drop box is located on the east side of the building and has a dedicated slot for the
Income Tax Division. Staff will frequently check the drop box throughout the business day (Monday
through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m).
Those who are planning to file income tax returns in person are strongly encouraged to do so well in
advance of the April 15 deadline. Historically, the Income Tax Division assists numerous taxpayers on
the due date.
Social distancing practices may prevent the division from serving visitors safely and effectively with
the same prompt service to which our taxpayers are accustomed. Taxpayers need to expect a line, slower
one customer at a time service, and limited access to the division’s counter. Each visitor is required
to wear a mask during their visit and to maintain six feet of social distancing from fellow taxpayers.

The Income Tax Division is encouraging taxpayers to prepare their own Bowling Green tax returns. Fillable
and printable forms and instructions are available on the Tax Division’s webpage. Taxpayers are
encouraged to save the form to their computer and then open the form with adobe acrobat. The form does
not calculate total income or tax due. The forms may also be printed, and the information entered by
Forms may be downloaded from the city’s website:
Those needing assistance may call 419-354-6212. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available at and may also help provide some guidance.c