Park district plans spring burn

The Wood County Park District stewardship department is planning to conduct prescribed fires in several
park properties this spring. The locations of these burns may be in Bradner Preserve and Rudolph Savanna
area. The exact timing of the fires will be determined by weather factors to ensure the most effective
and safe conditions, including smoke mitigation.
All prescribed fire practices are conducted under waiver through the Ohio Department of Natural
Resources, notification of the Ohio EPA, as well as, direct supervision by an Ohio Certified Prescribed
Fire Manager. Local fire departments for each site are aware of these plans and will be directly
notified at least 24 hours prior to the fire and also on the day of the fire by our fire manager.
The purpose of the fires is for the benefit of the natural areas and native ecosystems. All fire
management is completed with best management practices.
Call 419-575-7339, or email [email protected], with any questions directly involving prescribed fire
practices or call 419-353-1897 with general questions.