Owens teachers go back to school

PERRYSBURG — Ten faculty members from Owens Community College are improve their online teaching skills by
participating in a 25-week Effective Online Teaching Practices course offered in collaboration with the
Association of College and University Educators.
The teachers will be joining more than 150 faculty members from 22 Ohio community colleges as they learn
and implement equity-promoting, evidence-based teaching practices shown to improve student engagement,
persistence, course completion and learning.
The program is part of a collaboration between the Ohio Association of Community Colleges and the
Association of College and University Educators. ACUE programs are effective teaching practices that are
based on more than three decades of research that demonstrates effective teaching improves learning for
all students.
Considered a graduate-level course, the program consists of 25 modules separated into four blocks:
Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Online Learning Environment, Promoting Active Learning Online,
Inspiring Inquiry and Lifelong Learning in Your Online Course, and Designing an Effective Course.
Equity-promoting teaching practices are among the hundreds of recommended approaches that faculty learn
about and develop in ACUE courses, as demonstrated in ACUE’s Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Curriculum
Faculty will be teaching classes at Owens while taking the course, which begins this month. Faculty who
satisfy program requirement will be awarded ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction, the
only nationally-recognized college teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education.

The opportunity is offered free of charge to faculty through a partnership between ACUE and OACC’s
Success Center as part of the Every Learner Everywhere initiative—and was made possible by Achieving the
Dream, an ELE network partner.
Jack Hershey, president and chief executive officer of the OACC, said the training will teach faculty
ways to keep their online courses fresh and impactful.
“We are working hard to level the playing field to close equity gaps among Ohio students,” Hershey said.
“Offering this course to faculty is one more way to do that.”