Blotter: 1-19-2021


Citations Dec. 19:
Trae Anderson, 20, Fostoria, was arrested for criminal trespass and underage/under the influence after
entering a residence in the 300 block of South Main. He was taken to jail.
Speed: Cody Lathrop, 19; Elizabeth Brennan, 30
Speed, driving under suspension, no operator’s license, possession of marijuana, possession of drug
paraphernalia: Andre Henderson
A residential student pulled the fire alarm of a facility in the 1000 block of Klotz Road.
Police responded to the 300 block of North Main Street for a male who was too intoxicated to walk and was
being carried by two men. The man requested EMS because he was unable to stand on his own. He was warned
for disorderly conduct/unable to care for self.
Accidents occurred Dec. 19:
Audrey Davidson, McClure, was northbound in a private drive, turn left onto the 100 block of East Gypsy
Lane Road. Sarah Caudill, Vermillion, was westbound on Gypsy Lane, merging into the left turn lane for
South Main Street. Davidson was cited for failure to yield right of way after pulling into the roadway
and being struck by Caudill.
Citations Dec. 20:
At 12:56 a.m. in the 800 block of Ferndale Court, Tyler Fournier, 19, and Luke Illig, 19, were cited for
nuisance party and underage/under the influence; and Kade Gravenhorst, 18; Brittany Kingseed, 19; and
Carson Hearing, 19, for underage/under the influence and criminal trespass.
OVI, PAC (BAC 0.137), speed: Adam Williams, 27
Speed: Patrick Walker, 26; Kelly Costarosa, 35; Jessica Garn, 23; Jeremy Pugh, 25
Failure to control: Andrew Ihnot, 21
An unlocked vehicle was entered in the 800 block of Fifth Street.
Accidents occurred Dec. 20:
Alicia Deanda, Clyde, was southbound on North Main Street, stopped for the light at East Wooster Street.
She said she realized she was in the wrong lane and backed up to change lanes. She struck Mollie
Tyrrell, BG, and was cited for improper starting/backing.
Citations Dec. 21:
Jazz Westley Sr., 34, Toledo, was arrested for unauthorized plates, driving under suspension, possession
of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail.
Speed: Megan Scott, 28; Jenna Hawkey, 19
Police responded to the 200 block of South Prospect Street or an animal complaint.
BG civil enforcement got a complaint of a boat in the driveway in the 1100 block of Sandpiper Lane.
Accidents occurred Dec. 21:
Amber Steffen, New Philadelphia, was southbound on South Main Street while Fred Coleman, BG, was
eastbound on Gypsy Lane Road. Both entered the intersection at the same time. Steffen ran into the side
of Coleman. Both said they had the green light.
Citations Dec. 22:
Muffler required, failure to reinstate license: Sarah Galligan, 25
Citations Dec. 23:
Police responded to the 700 block of High Street for a report of theft of a package.
Theft/shoplifting: Jiaron Mothershed, 46
Driving under suspension (two counts), muffler required: Magdiel Garcia, 16
no citations dec. 24
Citations Dec. 25:
Matthew Halfmann, 29, and Alicia Halfmann, 29, both of Bowling Green, were arrested in the 600 block of
Manville Avenue for domestic violence. Both were taken to jail.
Speed: Cameron King, 17
Accidents occurred Dec. 25:
Colin Bell, BG, was westbound on West Gypsy Lane Road and began to turn right onto Anna Lane. Lacey
Harris-Willoby, BG, was southbound on Anna Lane, stopped for the stop sign. Bell was cited for failure
to maintain reasonable control after sliding on the snow and striking Harris-Willoby.
Citations Dec. 26:
Darrell W. Perry Jr., 59, Bowling Green, was arrested in the 700 block of Manville Avenue for domestic
violence and was taken to jail.
Speed: Edward Dibble, 60
Charges are pending through the juvenile prosecutor for three persons for an incident in the 300 block of
Colony Lane.
Police responded to a suicidal person in the 200 block of South College Drive.
Citations Dec. 27:
Cracking exhaust: Justin Hartford, 20
Police took a report of a vehicle that had been broken into in the 2000 block of Napoleon Road; to the
1000 block of Bluejay Drive for a dog bite; and to the 1000 block of North Main for a deceased female.

Charge were submitted to the juvenile prosecutor for two males for possession of marijuana and possession
of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop in the 300 block of West Wooster.
Accidents occurred Dec. 27:
Kathy Daleska, BG, was following Danny Pool, BG, northbound on South College Drive at Clough Street. Pool
stopped and was struck by Daleska, who was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.

Citations Dec. 28:
Driving under suspension: Meshay Washington, 21
No valid license: Timothy Curtin, 43
Items were reported missing from a bedroom in the 100 block of Manville Avenue.
Criminal damaging was reported in the 300 block of East Court Street.
Accidents occurred Dec. 28:
Mary Thomas, Perrysburg, was stopped behind Dale Mackey, Oak Harbor, eastbound in the 100 block of West
Newton Road. Mackey began to back up his International and struck Thomas, pushing her Hyundai Elantra
backwards. Thomas then backed away from Mackey and ended up in a field. Mackey was cited for improper
Citations Dec. 29:
Nicole Cordy, 45, BG, was arrested for disorderly conduct-intoxicated/unable to care for self in the 100
block of East Wooster Street. She was taken to jail.
Accidents occurred Dec. 29:
Melissa Pierce, BG, was eastbound on West Gypsy Lane Road when the vehicle was struck by a deer that ran
into the roadway.
An unknown vehicle struck a stop sign at the intersection of South Prospect Street and East Napoleon
Citations Dec. 30:
A package was reported missing from a porch in the 1000 block of Fairview Avenue.
A juvenile who ran away in the 1000 block of Klotz Road was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention
Accidents occurred Dec. 30:
Collin Dodds, BG, was northbound on Klotz Road while Kenneth McGee, BG, was westbound on Napoleon Road.
Dodds entered the intersection to turn left and was cited for failure to yield right of way at an
intersection after striking McGee.
Rachel Tipton, Weston, was westbound on East Gypsy Lane Road and said she had the green light at South
Main Street. A blue/gray Honda attempted to turn left from West Gypsy Lane to northbound South Main. The
Honda failed to yield and was struck by Tipton. The Honda then left the scene.
Amanda Martinez, Cygnet, was turning right from a private drive in the 700 block of South Main Street.
Phillip Echelbarger, Portage, was northbound on Main in the right lane. Martinez pulled out in front of
Echelbarger and was struck. Martinez was cited for failure to yield right of way.
Citations Dec. 31:
Charges were filed against Andrew Hildebrand for theft/shoplifting.
Disorderly conduct/loud noise: Evan Plott, 21; Grant Frederick, 21
Speed: Heather Milosevski, 48
Display of plates: Michael Kish, 25
Accidents occurred Dec. 31:
Cole Shaneyfelt, Liberty Center, was following Cameron Clark, BG, southbound on South Main Street
approaching Gypsy Lane Road. Clark slowed down for traffic and was struck by Shaneyfelt, who was cited
for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.
Paula Hoppe, Findlay, was westbound on East Wooster Street, entering the roundabout to go south onto the
I-75 ramp. Madeline Grup, Maumee, was eastbound on East Wooster, applied her brakes, but could not stop
in time for her yield sign. Grup was cited for failure to yield the right of way after striking Hoppe.

Mia Haschak, Perrysburg, was northbound on South Church Street, approaching the intersection of West
Washington Street. Gale Swanka, BG, was southbound on South Church at the intersection. Haschak failed
to yield to Swanka while attempting a left turn, causing a traffic crash. Haschak was cited for rules of
turns at intersections.

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