Blotter: 1-9-2021


Citations Nov. 25:
Aggravated menacing: Devon Battig, 25
Driving under suspension: Jaccob Snow, 29
Citations Nov. 26:
Police responded to the 1700 block of East Wooster Street for an unconscious woman. Sarah Ward, 43, was
taken to the hospital and then was cited for abusing harmful intoxicants.
Police responded to the 100 block of Troup Avenue for a vehicle that was broken into.
Police responded to the 1000 block of North Main Street for a criminal damaging report.
Accidents occurred Nov. 26:
Richard Gosik Jr., BG, was parked in the 300 block of Buttonwood Avenue when his Dodge Challenger was
struck by an unknown vehicle that left the scene.
Citations Nov. 27:
Police responded to the 1000 block of North Grove for a man passed out in front of the apartment
building. Scott Reuss, 56, BG, was arrested for criminal trespass and assault and cited for drug
abuse/marijuana. He was taken to jail.
Citations Nov. 28:
Harmony Gallant, 25, BG, was cited for theft/shoplifting and arrested on a warrant. She was taken to
Speed: Nathaniel Medrano, 18
Expired registration: Douglas Nickel, 35
Use of unauthorized plates: Kristi Hammond, 32
Driving under suspension: Tyesha Herrera, 30
Accidents occurred Nov. 28:
A Pontiac Bonneville was traveling eastbound on Sand Ridge Road when it struck a roadside telephone pole.
It is unknown who the driver was.
Citations Nov. 29:
Police spoke with six men for hunting within the city limits in the 2000 block of East Wooster. Street
They told officers they had permission to hunt the field and had been told it was outside city limits.
They were given a criminal warning for prohibited hunting.
Police stopped a vehicle at Thurstin and Frazee avenues for one headlight and cited Andres Hinojosa, 20;
Nicholas Razzoog, 20; and Marissa Sheeter, 20, for underage possession of alcohol.
Charges were filed against Joseph Doyle, 21, Onsted, Michigan, for failure to comply with the order of a
police officer, grand theft auto and possession of criminal tools. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Speed: Shelby Herald, 20; James Carolan, 21
Accidents occurred Nov. 29:
Victoria Blakely, BG, was following Sheila Fountain, BG, on South College Drive at Napoleon Road.
Fountain was stopped at the stop sign when he was struck by Blakely, who was cited for failure to
maintain assured clear distance ahead.
Citations Nov. 30:
BG civil enforcement received a complaint of trash all over a backyard in the 200 block of North
Enterprise Street.
Citations Dec. 1:
Jacob Cosentino, 21, Northwood, was cited for disorderly conduct/physically offensive condition after he
spit on another inmate at the jail. He was lodged at the jail for a probation violation.
Furnishing false information to obtain alcohol: Dean Butcher, 18
Speed: Steven Hayden, 41
Accidents occurred Dec. 1:
A Chevy Silverado, Jeep Wrangler and Kia Soul were parked in the Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales lot.
Sarah Ward, BG, was northbound on North Main Street when she lost control and drove across three lanes
of traffic, over the curb and into the lot, striking the Chevy and Jeep. The force of impact pushed the
Jeep into the Kia. Ward then left the scene. She was later cited for failure to maintain reasonable
control, having physical control of vehicle while under the influence, and hit/skip.
Elizabeth Dewitt, BG, was parked in the 200 block of Georgia Avenue when her Ford Escape was struck by an
unknown vehicle that left the scene.
Citations Dec. 2:
Speed: Joseph Sturgis, 24
Driving under suspension: Steven Richter, 46
Accidents occurred Dec. 2:
Christina Conforto, BG, was southbound on Clough Street approaching the four-way stop at Campbell Hill
Road. Kristine Durr, BG, was westbound on Clough and reached the intersection before Conforto. Durr
stopped then proceeded forward and was struck by Conforto, who stopped at the stop sign after Durr.
Conforto was cited for failure to yield right of way after striking Durr.
Citations Dec. 3:
Unsafe motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, carrying a concealed
weapon: Eddie Andrews II, 22
Accidents occurred Dec. 3:
Stephen Glomski, BG, and Jerry McBride, BG, were eastbound on Poe Road near Dove Drive. Glomski made a
lane change to pass a stopped vehicle. McBride also made a lane change and struck Glomski. No citations
were issued.
Citations Dec. 4:
Several police units were called to the hospital for a report of a combative male inside the ER. Tracy
Ammerman, 29, Blissfield, Michigan, allegedly made threatening statements and actions to ER staff
including the doctor. He was arrested for menacing and was taken to jail.
Defective exhaust, driving under suspension, failure to reinstate license: Bryan Whitacre, 30
Furnishing false information to buy tobacco: Mason Lentz, 18
Speed: Dashawnda Belcher, 27; Michele Amborski, 50
Failure to reinstate, driving under suspension: Geron Tate, 28
Police responded to the 700 block of Napoleon Road for an unconscious female.
Citations Dec. 5:
Steven Sharp, 46, BG, was arrested in the 500 block of South Main Street for aggravated menacing and was
taken to jail.
Public indecency: Thomas Shadle, 77
Police responded to the 100 block of South Enterprise Street for a report of a suicidal male.
Speed: Kervonne Day, 23
Citations Dec. 6:
Police responded to the 400 block of East Merry Avenue for a possible suicide attempt.
Charges were file against Benjamin Betts, 31, Toledo, for violating a protection order. He was arrested
at municipal court and was taken to jail.
Display of plates/validation stickers: Michael Siebert, 28
Accidents occurred Dec. 6:
Patricia Anderson, North Port, Florida, was westbound on East Wooster Street and went to make a left turn
into the Starbucks parking lot. She entered the exit side of the drive and when trying to correct, drove
over and across the curb barrier of the entrance. She was cited for failure to maintain reasonable
Citations Dec. 7:
Driving under suspension, display of plates/validation stickers: Todd Booth, 35
Police responded to the 600 block of Cedar Lane for an unresponsive female.
Police gave a criminal warning for criminal trespass to a man found sleeping under a picnic table in the
900 block of South Main.
Citations Dec. 8:
BG civil enforcement took a complaint about trash on a front porch in the 400 block of South Church
OVI/pending urine results, two headlights required at night, stop light, taillights, possession of
marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Jamie Almaguer, 58
Speed: John Hahn, 20; Rhonda Dalton-Green, 47
Driving under suspension: Krystal Decker, 30
Citations Dec. 10:
Disorderly conduct/loud noise: Teagan McCready, 20
Cody Briggs, 23, was cited for prohibited hunting after police were called to the 600 block of Haskins
Road on a report of a man shooting a deer in a backyard with a bow.
Speed: Ally Blom, 21; Iyanna Ross, 20
Accidents occurred Dec. 10:
An unknown vehicle northbound on North Main Street at Washington Street and struck the side mirror of
Katrina Plikerd’s Nissan Maxima, which was parked, and left the scene. The driver was later identified
as Patricia Kania, BG. No citation was given.
Drew Ritzler, BG, was northbound on South Main attempting to turn left onto Colony Lane. Janae King,
Bloomdale, was southbound approaching that intersection. William McDowell, Perrysburg, was on Colony
Lane, facing east at a red light. Ritzler said he saw King approaching but was unable to get out of the
way in time. King struck Ritzler, causing his Ford F-250 to spin and strike McDowell. King’s GMC Terrain
rolled and came to rest on the driver’s side. She was able to climb out the passenger window and was
treated at the scene by BG EMS. Ritzler was cited for failure to yield right of way.
Citations Dec. 11:
BG civil enforcement took a complaint of an inoperable vehicle in the 1700 block of Timber Ridge Road.

Speed: Kyle Bendele, 20
Traffic control device, driving under suspension: Heidi Craddock, 22
Driving under suspension, driving in marked lanes: Slayson Walters, 32
No seat belt: Marilyn Johns, 29
Accidents occurred Dec. 11:
Alan Sarver, Cygnet, was southbound on South Church Street, stopped at the Pearl Street intersection then
proceeded southbound. Kristine Jenkins, Perrysburg, was eastbound on Pearl, failed to stop at the posted
stop sign and struck Sarver. Jenkins was cited for failure to yield right of way.
Vernon Greenwell, BG, as southbound on South Main Street. Thomas Striggow, BG, was stopped westbound at
the red light on Clough Street at South Main. Greenwell said he heard a noise coming from his vehicle
and was looking for somewhere to pull over when his front passenger tire broke loose from his Chevy
Impala, began rolling down the road and struck Striggow’s Ford.
Citations Dec. 12:
Underage possession of alcohol, open container: Bryce Hudik, 20
Speed: Anthony Thelemann, 47; Marcus Sherpard, 18
Police responded to a theft of a vehicle in the 1000 block of North Main Street.
Police responded to an unresponsive male in the 100 block of Ada Avenue.
Accidents occurred Dec. 12:
Konnie Nicholson-George, BG, was eastbound in the 200 block of East Wooster Street when she struck the
back of Petilla Gest, pushing her Hyundai Elantra into the back of Kelly Leatherman’s Subaru Forrester.
Nicholson-George was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead. She was taken to the
hospital by BG EMS for possible injury.
Citations Dec. 13:
Michael Kolodzaike, 62, with an address at the jail, was arrested for auto theft and was taken to jail.

Failure to reinstate, lighted lights required: Heidi Craddock, 22
Police took a report of a malfunctioning at the car wash in the 1000 block of South Main Street that
damaged two vehicles.
Accidents occurred Dec. 13:
Sue Hess, BG, was stopped at the red light on West Gypsy Lane Road at South Main Street. Kaveona Below,
Wayne, was playing with the radio when she saw movement from the vehicle beside her. Below took her foot
off the brake and drove into the rear of Hess. Below was cited for failure to maintain assured clear
distance ahead.

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