BG man arrested for violating a protection order


A Bowling Green man has been arrested for violating a protection order.
Bowling Green police were called at 3:49 a.m. Monday to the 600 block of High Street for a report of a
window that had been broken.
The victim said she was in her bedroom and all of a sudden the window shattered. Her father ran outside
and saw a white Ford sedan drive away.
According to the Bowling Green Police Division report, the vehicle was located one block away in a
parking lot.
The driver was identified as Zachary Bankey-Downard, 34.
The victim said she had a protection order against Bankey-Downard but he technically was still on the
lease for the apartment.
Bankey-Downard admitted going to the apartment and knocking on the window to get the victim’s attention
because he wanted to talk to her, but due to his intoxication level, he broke the window.
He was arrested and taken to jail.

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