Toledo, Port Clinton bars cited for violating health orders


COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Toledo bar was cited for improper conduct – disorderly activity, as a result of the
lack of social distancing and curfew violations, according to a news release by the Ohio Investigative
Unit of the Ohio Liquor Control Commission.
Papa’s Tavern received a citation for improper conduct – disorderly activity. At 8:35 p.m. Thursday,
agents observed more than 75 patrons in the bar and approximately 15 patrons in an enclosed patio.
Numerous patrons were standing while consuming alcohol and not social distancing. Agents were unable to
walk through the permit premises and maintain social distancing. Agents observed bar employees not
properly wearing masks.
Otay’s Lagoon Saloon, Port Clinton, received a citation for improper conduct – disorderly activity.
Agents were called to the establishment on Saturday after the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office received a
complaint that the location was overcrowded. At 8 p.m., agents entered the establishment and observed
approximately 40 patrons inside, most were not wearing masks. Patrons were standing and drinking
alcoholic beverages. Patrons were seated at the bar as more stood behind them waiting to order drinks.
This location has been cited twice before for violating health orders. On Sept. 26, the establishment
was cited for after hours consumption – Rule 80 and improper conduct – disorderly activities. On
November 7, agents cited the permit for after hours sale – Rule 80, improper conduct – agent (staff
member) or permit holder in an intoxicated condition, illegal possession of intoxicating liquor, and
illegal possession of intoxicating liquor not obtained from an authorized source.
Over the weekend, agents cited 10 other Ohio bars.
The cases will go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for potential penalties, including fines
and/or the suspension or revocation of liquor permits.

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