Updated: Perrysburg Council selects Mark Weber for seat


PERRYSBURG — The musical chairs started by a Bowling Green state senator’s appointment to chancellor of
the Ohio Department of Higher Education has stopped, with Mark Weber getting the last chair.
At a special meeting Tuesday, Perrysburg Council selected Weber, a retired electrician/foreman with the
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 8, for a vacant council seat.
“I want to be a part of the most important decision this council has made in many years, that is our
water source. I want a crash course here. I want to brought up to speed and review all of that
information they have collected and come up with the best solution for our water source,” Weber said.

He will also be chairman of council’s safety committee.
“I want to be a voice in helping with the police radios we have to upgrade and in the discussion on the
911 dispatchers,” Weber said.
He was one of 13 candidates who applied for the council seat. Interviews were conducted Tuesday, then
council adjourned into a 90-minute executive session.
After the session, the vote was 4-2 to confirm Weber. Jim Matuszak, who is council president, and Deborah
Born voted no; Tim McCarthy, Jonathan Smith, Barry VanHoozen and Becky Williams were in favor.
It took three rounds of voting to get a candidate who received a majority vote. Will Harbaurer was the
first candidate, followed by Daniel Anderson. Each received tie 3-3 votes, with the tie-breaking vote by
Mayor Tom Mackin as a negative for each.
“It was a unique process,” Smith said. “In the end, I think we ended up with a good candidate, a good
person to take over. I’m looking forward to working with him.”
Born said she wanted a candidate who was committed to running for election. Weber has said he is not
running for the seat, but may enter the 2021 race.
“I would have preferred that council had chosen one of the candidates who is running for election in the
fall general election,” Born said. “I wish Mr. Weber well in his temporary position.”
The vacancy was created when Councilman Haraz Ghanbari was selected the new Ohio House District 3
representative on March 27.
Ghanbari phoned Weber Tuesday night, shortly after the appointment.
“I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Councilman Weber and wish him all the best,” Ghanbari said. “I
am confident Councilman Weber will represent the citizens of Perrysburg well.”
Council had 45 days to fill the seat. Four of the six members had to vote affirmatively for the same
candidate for council by May 6. If the vacancy was not filled by that date, Mackin could fill it by
The replacement council person’s term will expire when Ghanbari’s term expires, Dec. 31. That individual
can also run for reelection.
The political musical chairs started when then-Ohio Sen. Randy Gardner, R-Bowling Green, was selected
chancellor by Gov. Mike DeWine in January.
Ohio Rep. Theresa Gavarone, R-Bowling Green, was appointed to Gardner’s senate seat and Ghanbari filled
her position.
Weber is the chairman of the Historic Landmarks Commission and serves on the board for the Perrysburg
Area Historic Museum. He is a graduate of the Perrysburg Citizens Police Academy and recently completed
Sunshine Law training.
“I am very concerned about the future of Perrysburg,” he said in his council application, adding that he
regularly attends council meetings. “I am already familiar with the discussion of new police radios in
the safety committee, and the ever important subject of our water supply in the public utilities
Weber said he chose not to run for city council this election cycle, mainly because he is not prepared to
commit to a four-year term at this time. He said that a 2021 run is a possibility.
“I pride myself in the way I handle all tasks that come before me. I do my research, take a common sense
approach and make responsible and informed decisions.”

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