Black Swamp Conservancy introduces Ohio Wildlife Guide


PERRYSBURG — Where can you learn about wildlife found in Ohio, in a format that’s family-friendly? Ohio
Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide offers information about fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal
species found in the state, in an inviting coloring book format with projects, activities and species
information for the whole family to enjoy.
Black Swamp Conservancy, who helped create the guide, will introduce it at a family event May 11, in the
Rotary Pavilion at Side Cut Metropark in Maumee.
“I happened upon the Michigan version of this guide last summer, and was so impressed with it that I
reached out to the author, Amalia Celeste Fernand, to see if we could collaborate on an Ohio edition,”
said Conservancy Executive Director Rob Krain. “She was excited to take on the project, and help create
this fantastic outdoor education tool for Ohio children.”
The 108-page guide provides a range of details about each animal: appearance, size, tracks and signs,
diet, habitat, scat and life cycle. In addition, each section features a range of activities for
creating art, conducting experiments, exploring in nature and creating games.
The guide was created by Fernand, a native of Michigan with degrees in environmental studies and
ecological leadership and education, who has worked with children and animals in over 20 countries on
six continents. She established Nature Explorers International to inspire excitement and curiosity for
the environment through art, science and outdoor experiences. The guide was illustrated by Anna Bazyl,
and designed by Toledo-based Margo Puffenberger of m.e.puff design.
With funding from the Reed Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation and the Seed-to-the-Sower Fund of the
Toledo Community Foundation, the Conservancy has 1,000 copies of Ohio Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide
to distribute for free to area families.

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