Rossford’s school board accepts Murtha’s resignation


ROSSFORD — The Rossford High School assistant principal and athletic director has submitted his
The resignation of Patrick Murtha was accepted through an agreement with the Rossford Board of Education
following a 45-minute executive session at Monday night’s meeting.
Following the session, a simple statement was read by Dawn Burks, board president, that the board
approved the transition and accept the resignation of Murtha.
He had been placed on administrative leave pending the district’s investigation into allegations of
misconduct brought forward by three students. Those allegations and the initial placement on leave were
made in February. He was 47 at the time.
According to a release from the board following the meeting, “The district investigated under its
Anti-Harassment Policy and concluded that while Mr. Murtha did not engage in sexual harassment as
defined in the policy, he did engage in inappropriate conduct, including unwanted touching of students’
hair and/or shoulders.”
Superintendent Dan Creps said in the release, “Given the circumstances it was in the best interest of our
students and the district to reach an agreement to part ways.”
The board also said that Murtha’s misconduct at Rossford has been reported to the Ohio Department of
Education for further investigation.
Murtha was previously investigated by ODE for similar misconduct at Athens City School District where he
worked before coming to Rossford.
His resignation is effective as of July 31, which coincides with the expiration of his current contract.

The transition agreement as submitted to the ODE indicated that the board has not concluded that he
engaged in any conduct giving rise to assignment reassignment, discipline, non-renewal and or
termination of his employment nor will the board take such action.
The board has also “not concluded that Murtha committed an offense under R.C.3319.31, RC.3319.39 and/or
any applicable laws nor will the board.”
The agreement says Murtha will be “reassigned to home with full pay and benefits.” It also indicated that
Murtha cooperate with the superintendent and high school principal to complete any job-related tasks as
reasonably requested and or directed until July 31.
The board will compensate him for all unused vacation and personal days consistent with the terms of the
agreement and applicable board policies. He has been with the district more than 10 years.
The agreement also indicates Murtha was urged to seek legal counsel and was given at least 21 days to
consider the agreement.
Prior to the executive session, the board heard from representatives from the Bulldog Foundation about
its plans regarding “something inspiring” for the new high school building. Rob Ring, of Bluewater
Technology, gave a presentation of some of its work and some possible ideas for the Rossford project.
The board later voted to approve moving ahead with exploring the project for the Bulldog Foundation.

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