Jeffers’ hard work is appreciated


To the Editor:
I write to express my appreciation for the work that Bruce Jeffers has done during his 8 years on Bowling
Green City Council. He chairs the Public Lands and Buildings, Planning, and Finance Committees. He is
heavily involved making sure our utilities are financially sound, provide good service and meet all
state and federal guidelines. He supported the development of the solar field as part of the goal of
sustainable energy sources of power. He participated in the update of the Land Use Plan. The Community
Action Plan took many hours of time and he worked hard to make sure there was community input throughout
the process. He looks forward to the improvement of neighborhoods knowing that progress will be slow but
has the patience and determination to continue the work.
He participated in the development of the first Project Connect, a community effort involving the Cocoon
Shelter, area churches, BGSU and various Wood County agencies. He volunteers with the Brown Bag Food
Project. He is part of the East Side Residential Neighborhood Group which struggles to balance
residential housing and rental properties.
Bruce has experience, leadership qualities, a dedication to making city government work for the people he
serves, and the ability to work with others. He researches issues and solicits the opinions of his
constituents so that he is well informed before making a decision – all good qualities that make him a
good councilman and deserving of being re-elected. Please vote for Bruce as councilman-at-large on May
Joyce Kepke
Bowling Green

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