Popularity of succulents is growing


Succulents have been around gardens forever, but they have really gained in popularity over the last
several years and according to Gene Klotz of Klotz Floral and Garden, that interest continues to grow.

“We’ve really seen an increase in popularity over the last five years,” Klotz said.
He noted at one point in time, most of the succulents seen in local gardens were the various varieties of
“hens and chickens.” Those plants were often the plants that you either loved or hated, there was rarely
a neutral attitude about them.
Now Klotz said there are many more varieties of succulents to choose from, and he is expanding the
selection to offer more variety.
“The newer varieties are not always the hearty ones like the hens and chicks,” he said. “But the blossoms
offer more variety for the gardener.”
As for the care, he said, “They are still low maintenance. The secret for any succulent is don’t
over-water them.”
As more is learned about the various succulents, they have additional benefits. Many people know about
the use of aloe, a succulent, for medicinal benefits. Other succulents are used to purify the air, to
make lotions or even healthy drinks.
The secret is knowing which succulent is good for what type of uses.
Most of the succulents in this are native to Mexico and Latin America and the natives there often use
various succulents beyond their garden.
Klotz also said some of the uses have developed over the years through trial and error.
Among the special things with succulents is the ability to plant them in a variety of containers,
including some unique options.
Klotz said they can be planted in tin, clay, plastic, wood, ceramics, to name a few.
“You can even plant them in many novelty containers such as shoes, coffee mugs, almost any medium,” he
said, noting they generally sell them in either 2-inch or 4-inch pots.
Succulents tend to be slow growing so don’t expect too much growth from them. That is good when they are
used indoors, you don’t have to re-pot very often.
He also noted that some varieties do flower seasonally.
Around your garden
While there have been some warmer days, Klotz said overall with many of the plants for your garden, it
might be better to wait some time yet to allow the soil temperature to warm up. Of course, lettuce,
cabbage, broccoli and some of the other cold-temperature vegetables can be planted now.
Aside from the health advantages involved in eating your vegetables, Klotz said he keeps reading more and
more benefits of jut planting and working in your garden.
He said, “It’s good therapy for your health. It lowers your blood pressure and is truly good therapy for
your body.”

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