Active, engaged Leontis should be on council


To the Editor:
Neocles Leontis is on the Democratic Party ballot for the May 7 primary election, running for an at-large
seat on Bowling Green City Council.
I urge primary voters to cast their votes for this progressive candidate who has his eye on big issues
like climate change while understanding that change has to happen locally. Leontis is a long-time
resident of Bowling Green – 32 years – who has been active in the community as a member of the East Side
Residential Group, Peace Lutheran Church and Bowling Green Kiwanis.
He was instrumental in getting the city to install the solar array which has been operating since 2017.
He worked with Columbia Gas to promote affordable home energy audits and insulation. He has supported
Ohio Interfaith Power and Light with its mission to encourage responsible stewardship of energy and
other resources. One of his primary local concerns is to establish regular fire and safety inspections
of rental properties, particularly older buildings and houses.
He is as concerned about the safety of the student population as he is about saving them money in the
long run through conservation measures like insulation. And his proposals for energy savings will also
contribute to reducing greenhouse gases.
I have known Leontis for nearly 30 years, and I have always admired the way he stays broadly informed (he
reads ravenously) and becomes personally engaged in community, social, and political matters. He is
passionate about his beliefs and goals, but he brings a scientist’s systematic and practical approach to
seeing them realized. Change is inevitable.
We just need to make sure it happens in both compassionate and rational ways. This is precisely where
Leontis can make a local difference with potential impacts beyond our community as well. Vote Leontis
for city council at large on May 7, or before: early in-person voting runs until May 6 at 2 p.m.
Geoff Howes
Bowling Green

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