County compliments Charter Steel


The Wood County Economic Development Commission recently held its annual meeting where it recognized last
year’s accomplishment and named the Corporate Citizen of the Year.
That honor this year went to Charter Steel, a privately held and family-owned business which has a plant
in southeastern Wood County on U.S. 23, just south of Risingsun. The company calls it their Fostoria
plant. Their other offices are in Cleveland and Saukville, Wisconsin.
Charter Steel is a carbon alloy manufacturing plant that makes a variety of steel products which are used
to make other products.
Wood County Commissioner Doris Herringshaw introduced the honor, saying that Charter Steel is a
fourth-generation company.
“The company as it exists today was initially established in 1936. The roots of the entrepreneurial
spirit of the owners predated this current company when their initial endeavor created the business
foundation for what would become Frigidaire,” she said.
“They have always been a forward-thinking growth company that focuses on trust with both its customers
and employees. They have grown to be a dominant supplier in the industry with revenues exceeding $1
billion and over 2,200 employees that do not ‘punch a clock’ based upon the owner’s value of trust.”
In 2000, Charter Steel acquired the Fostoria site.
The subsequent 19 years have shown substantial growth, investment and employee engagement, Herringshaw
In the video presentation at the banquet, Charter Steel showed images of some of their equipment and the
huge coils of wire that can sometimes be seen traveling down the road on semi-trailers.
There are 1,250 employees in the division, who are all “rowing in the same direction,” the video said.
“We empower (employees) to make changes to improve (the company).”
There is a strong focus on community and encouraging employees to get involved.
Doug Miller, president of the Wood County Economic Development Commission, said last year was a
remarkable one.
“In terms of new projects, 2018 was a record year. A new First Solar facility, a new NSG facility, a
Walgreens expansion, an Equity Meats expansion and a Continental Structural Plastic expansion are
creating thousands of jobs and driving millions of dollars to the economy,” he said.
Miller also noted the importance of regional water and said that the potential for a partnership with
City of Toledo is a “viable option that is still evolving.” He also said another option is buying water
from Bowling Green.
“Our marketing committee is working hard on a pair of videos highlighting Wood County and its assets,”
Miller said.
The first video explores many of the benefits of living and working in Wood County including quality of
life, affordability and recreational activities. The second one focuses on economic development.
He also talked about the number of jobs being created and how to fill those jobs. Miller said that the
commission is cooperating with Penta Career Center to “help ensure a right kind of education and
training is being provided in order to meet the demands of the current job market.”

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