Time has been good to Timm’s Bostdorff Greenhouse


Ownership may have changed, but the Bostdorff Greenhouse name lives on, the same as it has for the past
30 years.
Eric and Denise Timm purchased the greenhouse, at 18862 N. Dixie Hwy., in 2015.
Dick and Mary Ann Bostdorff started the business in 1989.
The Timms have been part of the operation for years. Eric Timm has been an employee since 1990 and
partner, as well, early on. Timm is an ex-son-in-law, so the business has stayed in the family.
Even with new ownership, the same quality of garden plants and flowers, landscaping and trees, bushes,
stone and mulch remain.
And while the Bostdorff’s no longer work with the business, “if I need anything, Dick’s down here in a
couple minutes,” Timm said.
Bostdorff’s employs 12 people in landscaping and seven in the greenhouse.
The business has evolved over the years, with more customers coming in and knowing exactly what they
want, Timm said.
“In this market, you have to respond to that specific request,” he said, adding that Bostdorff’s can get
just about anything shipped to the store or the customer, from around the county, in five days.
“It’s become more demand driven, more than people coming out on a Sunday afternoon and just shopping for
Timm added that he is frank with customers when they pick out a plant or flower that just won’t flourish
in the Black Swamp.
“We can tell them ‘you can’t have this here, it will die, but I have something comparable,’” he said.
“We’ve got a more than a little expertise.”
Timm said the landscaping business edges out the greenhouse, and he does residential and commercial
landscaping service to roughly a 40-mile radius around the greenhouse nursery.
They have provided plants for Levis Commons Town Center in Perrysburg and for Bowling Green State
“From the landscape end of things, were are expanding our services to include mowing this year,” Timm
Bostdorff’s customers are often third generation and prefer the services of the business — at all levels.

“They’d like a one-stop shop,” Timm said. “We’re finally going to answer that call and maintain those
properties ourselves.”
They also have added a banquet facility in the barn and have had a few events already with more planned
for this year. They also have added meeting rooms to the retail center and have host both seminars and
garden clubs in the space.
The greenhouse, last December, did a few “wine and wreaths” programs.
“We actually do hot hors d’oeuvres and copious amounts of wine and people decorate Christmas wreaths,”
Timm said, with a laugh. “It’s fun. It’s just a great community event.”
The goal has been to use the business spaces year round, he said.
“We want to be more community-minded, and truly utilize that space,” Timm said. “It definitely exposes
the business to people who wouldn’t be here.
This spring, a “brunch and baskets” event is planned. In mid-April, Bostdorff’s will offer a Sunday
morning brunch. After eating, participants will create a large hanging basket. Bostdorff’s will hold
them and continue to grow them until the weather’s appropriate to bring them home and outside, Timm
Bostdorff’s also had a corn maze, which covered 8 acres, in the fall. Despite rain on every single
weekend, Timm said 280 people cam out and braved the mud.
He said his interest in purchasing the business was twofold: he has been there since it was established
and it’s a “no-fail enterprise.”

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