This pie is a piece of cake


PERRYSBURG — For more than 20 years, Barbara and Neal Hall have jointly made this quick and easy dessert
Over the years they have always called it a cheesecake. But when they started copying the recipe for this
column, the couple realized it is officially called a Cheese Pie.
That original was clipped from a magazine, either a Reader’s Digest or a similar-sized Yankee Magazine of
that era.
The recipe is such a piece of cake, that Neal has re-name Easy Peasy Cheese Pie.
While the original recipe is showing its age, the dessert is timeless.
“I don’t think there’s anybody we’ve served it to that doesn’t like it,” Neal said.
The couple said they make the pie at least four or five times a year, sometimes more.
“We use this sometimes instead of a birthday cake and it’s great for company,” Neal said.
If making the dessert, plan ahead, Barbara said.
“It is best if made a day in advance to allow all the ingredients to sit together. Over night gives it
time to really set up and gets a good blending of the cream cheese,” she said.
They each have a specific role in the preparation. She handles step one; he takes on the task of the
final two steps.
Barbara says they follow the recipe exactly, including the specific instruction of not using an electric
mixer to fold in the whipped topping.
“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” she said.
While Barbara is known for her baking skills among family and friends, she loves this recipe for its ease
and great taste and doesn’t mind using a store-bought pie crust.
“There is no baking or cooking required,” she said.”It is really very easy and quick. I timed it — we
made this one in 13 minutes, start to finish.”
Barbara also said that it refrigerates well and will keep for at least four or five days — unless someone
is around and then it disappears quickly.
One tip that they both suggest: do not add the topping until it is being served on the plate.
The couple are both retired educators. He worked for 35 years for Penta Career Center, though it was
called Penta County Joint Vocational School when he started there.
She taught for five years including one year at Eastwood and two years at Perrysburg High School. She
also later served as the director of continuing education for Perrysburg Schools.
The couple have two adult children. Their son Robert is a staff sergeant in the Army stationed at Fort
Stewart. Their daughter Carey Turner is an insurance agent with AAA in Perrysburg. They are the
grandparents of two granddaughters.

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