Rossford residents have opportunity to purchase bonds for school district


ROSSFORD — Officials of the Rossford Exempted Village School District have been working to prepare for
the issuance of $32 million in bonds.
Voters approved the bond issue in November 2016 to provide funding for the expansion of and improvements
to the district’s facilities.   
Since the approval of the bond issue, district officials have been working to secure a bond credit
rating, as well as completing the bond offering documents.
Rockmill Financial Consulting LLC, a Lancaster, firm that specializes in public finance, has been engaged
by district officials to serve as municipal adviser for the issue.  
This week, district officials met with Standard & Poor’s Rating Service in New York to apply for
the bond rating.
“The district anticipates receiving a very good rating. The hard work and effort to represent the
district in the best possible light will pay off,” said Treasurer James Rossler Jr.
Rockmill Financial owner David Conley said the difference in interest cost to residents, because of a
good rating, could save over $1 million.
District officials have made special arrangements to sell bonds to interested residents.
The bonds will be sold in minimum denominations of $5,000, with maturities ranging from one to 37 years.

Interest on the bonds is exempt from both federal and Ohio income taxes.  
A seminar will be held on Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the board room at the  Rossford Schools Administrative
Offices at Indian Hills, 401 Glenwood Road.  
Residents and business owners are invited to attend the seminar, if they have questions or would like
specific information about the bonds.    
For more information, contact Rossler at 419-666-2010.

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