Nation needs to unite behind Trump and stop with the bellyaching


The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has been like no other. Then, he isn’t
like any other president. He’s a businessman; if he doesn’t produce, he doesn’t get paid. He hasn’t been
sitting in his office complaining about everything or protesting everything; he’s been building a
business, accomplishing positive results.
Yet, Congressional Democrats are acting like a bunch of “spoiled brats.” They didn’t get their way in the
election so now they are having a “hissy fit” or a “temper tantrum.” Grow up people, put on your big boy
and big girl pants and start acting like the leaders you are supposed to be and were elected to be.
Calling for impeachment less than a month into Trump’s term is ludicrous at best. There were calls for
his impeachment even before he took office. Gives the term sore losers a brand new meaning. Both parties
are guilty of not working together. This isn’t middle school or even high school — this is the real
world, with real problems to be resolved. (The real world where grown-ups should act like mature
adults.) Put your petty differences aside, put your political agendas aside and work together as —
Americans — not as Republicans and Democrats. It’s no wonder that our government is in such a mess. Our
representatives have spent the last eight years, maybe 16 years, probably even more than that, “playing
politics” and not working and serving the citizens and the nation. We are more divided now than ever.

Boycotting meetings to delay confirming Trump’s cabinet and other appointments is childish and immature.
Using numerous other delaying tactics and just wasting time is not smart or productive. But politicians
don’t understand what it means to do real work. Do your work like you were elected to do. You are well
paid to represent the citizens of the USA. Express your feelings and opinions verbally — not on the
floor as part of a sit-in. Work with the opposing party. Work with the duly elected president to solve
the numerous problems we face every day as individuals and as a nation.
Trump is not like any political leader. He has said he will do things differently. But the political
leaders don’t want to change their status quo, which hasn’t worked for Joe and Mary American Citizen.
What has been happening in Congress, which is virtually nothing, isn’t working.
Nitpicking, trying too hard to find any negative, causing unnecessary delays is and has been dividing our
country. Our political representatives must get over this negative attitude and work positively to get
something done. We elected a successful businessman to fix the government. He’s fixed businesses and
built businesses. He’s accomplished much, unlike the politicians and bureaucrats, who only have argued
and filibustered getting little or nothing accomplished.
Congressional representatives and senators of both parties take note: We the people have elected a
successful businessman as president. His record may not be spotless, but he has built several businesses
by working with people. Work with him; he knows how to get things done. Stop acting like a bunch of
immature brats. Set a positive example by working together to resolve the issues and problems we face
everyday. And please — please — stop your whining and crying when you don’t get your way.
Herb Dettmer is a retired BG resident, U.S. Army veteran and writes this monthly column representing the
viewpoint of “Joe Average” citizen. He is a freelance writer and author of “Others,” a devotional book.
Comments? Call or text “Joe” at 419-494-4641. Opinions expressed in “Joe Average” are the writer’s own.

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