Sales tax holiday planned for school supplies, clothes


An upcoming sales tax holiday is planned for Aug. 7-9.
This is a three-day period during which clothing, school supplies and instructional materials are exempt
from state and county sales and use tax.
School supplies up to $20 per item will be exempt from sales and use tax during that weekend. Examples of
qualifying school supplies include many of the basics used daily in the classroom: binders, calculators,
blackboard chalk, composition books, folders, notebooks, paper, pens and pencils, glue, crayons, lunch
boxes, rulers and scissors.
Also qualifying for a tax exemption will be school instructional materials up to $20 per item. These are
defined as written material commonly used by a student as a reference. School instructional materials
only include reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks and workbooks.
Also included is clothing up to $75 per item, and includes boots, coats and jackets, rainwear, shoes,
socks, underwear. Not included is jewelry, sunglasses, wallets, hair accessories and sport equipment.

The Department of Taxation has developed a frequently asked questions section on their website to help
answer questions

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