Congress needs to focus on some real issues


To the Editor:
Boehner is hitting the Benghazi bong pretty heavy these days. Completely disregarding the facts that
Republicans led chambers of Congress have found no wrongdoing in the terrorist attack on the U.S.
embassy annex. Do you really think that this media trail spouting Benghazi emails will fix this most
desperate party of useless members. This just won’t happen, Boehner. How many times has this same
desperate party tried to appeal the Obamacare law. No laws have been broken. Get over it and start
working for the people.
They have 2 congressional reports, written by Republicans that get to the truth about what happened in
Benghazi. How about you resign and let someone competent lead the House of Representatives. He should
also be transparent himself and turn in all his government emails to be seen. Why doesn’t the Republican
controlled Congress not take ownership or credit for cutting millions of dollars out of the bill that
finances security at all U.S. embassies? They did this 6 months before Benghazi happened. What a bunch
of hypocrites.
I see that this Congress has done nothing to the 47 senators who signed a letter to Iranian mullahs,
advising the Iranian leadership that any agreement with President Obama could be revoked without
congressional approval. This was pointed out to these members of Congress that was not the truth. This
letter was also done by this same desperate party to undermine the talks over Iran’s nuclear capability.
Our own Sen. Bob Portman, of Ohio, signed that letter.
This is the same party that 47 senators signed a letter to Iranian mullahs in an effort to undermine the
talks over Iran’s nuclear capability. Even though Ohio voters don’t trust Iran to bargain honestly, they
prefer talking to shooting. What has been done to these 47 traitors who took it upon themselves to
weaken our country by voting against our president. Is that not treason? Why haven’t they been released
from representing our country? Mr. Portman, you will answer to us the voters come election day.
Joann Schiavone

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