To the Editor: Rowland deserves re-election


Sandy Rowland should be returned to her seat on the Bowling Green City Council.My wife came to
Bowling Green thirteen years ago as HR Manager for a large manufacturing business. After her retirement,
she opened a small business in the downtown area and we chose to make our home here. Our increasing
involvement in Bowling Green business groups, non-profits and community organizations has given us the
opportunity to meet Sandy Rowland and to see her in action.A long time Bowling Green resident, Sandy
Rowland has built her successful real estate business, served on numerous boards and non-profits and is
currently serving on City Council.It has become apparent to me as I have observed Ms. Rowland in
meetings that she does not just take up a chair.She asks insightful questions, makes cogent points, and
always contributes to positive progress.Ms. Rowland clearly understands the needs of both small and
large business. She lives, shops and dines in our city. She understands that exceptional schools, state
of the art medical facilities, great parks and recreation as well as a focus on the arts attracts
residents as well as new business to our community. Her dedication, hard work and creativity as a member
of City Council will continue to move our city toward that ideal.I highly recommend that we return Sandy
Rowland to City Council. We couldn’t do better.Dr. J. Scott StewartBowling Green

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