Perrysburg Twp. rehires police chief

File photo. Mark Hetrick has been rehired as Perrysburg Township’s police chief. (Photo: J.D.

LIME CITY – Perrysburg
Township’s new police chief will be a familiar face.The Township Board of Trustees approved a measure to
rehire recently retired police veteran Mark Hetrick, who had served as police chief for the last two
years.The body took this action Wednesday night, immediately after approving a new retire-rehire policy
for the township."We were very pleased with Chief Hetrick’s work over the last two years almost, in
the position. I’m glad to see that work," said trustee Gary Britten.Hetrick, who had been with the
force for 26 years, retired at the end of last year due to changes in the State of Ohio’s employee
retirement system. Lt. Jim Pellek has been serving as acting chief since that time. Hetrick will be
hired back as of March 4 at $56,000 per year – the salary of a rookie patrolman – and will start with 80
hours of vacation time. Previously, he had been earning approximately $81,000 per year. The contract is
for one year, but will renew automatically unless terminated by either the board or Hetrick with 90 days
notice."We’re saving about $25,000, plus he was up to about six weeks of vacation a year when he
was here," said Britten."This is unique, because here he is, the chief, but getting a starting
patrolman’s wage," said trustee Bob Mack."He did a nice job for us, and I’d be honored to
rehire him," said Mack before the vote.The retire/rehire policy, as currently written,
"applies to nonunion salaried personnel only," said Township Administrator Walter Celley when
he introduced the measure."The city of Perrysburg sort of set the example for us to have a
policy," said Mack."The intent of this policy is to establish that retirees are not excluded
from consideration for post-retirement employment by the Township," the policy reads. "This
policy does not entitle any retiree to reemployment or guarantee that any retiree will become
reemployed."Hiring of retirees is at the sole discretion of the trustees, as are pay and
benefits.Trustee Craig LaHote was absent at the meeting due to illness, but Celley noted he had spoken
with him and shared that LaHote’s agreed with rehiring Hetrick "and asked that we not delay."

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