Perrysburg Twp. chief & administrator retire

File photo. Perrysburg
Twp. Police Chief Mark Hetrick. (Photo: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)

LIME CITY – Two high-ranking Perrysburg Township positions will be vacant at the end of the year as the
result of changes to the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System.
In a surprise move, the retirements of both Township Administrator John Hrosko and Township Police Chief
Mark Hetrick were accepted by the trustees at Wednesday night’s meeting. Hetrick will retire Dec. 29,
and Hrosko on Dec. 31.
"It is with surprise and also regret that this had impacts on two of our senior employees,"
said Trustee Bob Mack as he read the legislation aloud.
Hrosko and Hetrick are both stepping down because of changes to OPERS that will take place after Jan. 1 –
changes which would adversely affect their pensions, health benefits, and other considerations. By
retiring early they will avoid these changes. Both Rossford and Perrysburg have also been discussing
issues related to the changes and how they would affect their respective employees.
"There’s a whole lot of changes for health care, to what our pension will be," explained
Hetrick after the meeting.
Township Police Lt. Jim Pelleck was appointed acting chief for an expected period of 60 days. He will
receive an additional $1,000 for this service. A resolution to appoint an acting administrator was not
produced at the meeting. Rosanna Violi currently serves the township as assistant administrator.
Hrosko has served the township for 13 years, arriving in 2002 as fiscal officer. He has been
administrator for 10 years. Hetrick has been with the police department for 26 years; he took over for
former chief Ed Stribrny in February of 2011.
The trustees additionally approved an agreement allowing Hetrick to purchase his service weapon from the
township for fair market price, or approximately $250. It is customary for a retiring chief to be
allowed to acquire his weapon.
As for what the two men will do in retirement, Hetrick noted that he does have plans, but was not at
liberty to discuss them at the meeting. Hrosko indicated that he plans to take some time off, and then
"see what comes."
"I’m open to anything," he said. "But I will not sit around."

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