Jordon Roussos puts team first for Falcons (9-7-12)


Alex Bayer broke out with a big, wide smile when asked what’s it like to have Jordon
Roussos as a teammate.
“It’s awesome. He brings something else to this team,” Bayer said. “He’s just a
character. Everyone on the team loves him and looks up to him.
“There is just something about him that rubs you the right way,” Bayer added “I’m
going to be sad when he leaves this season.’’
Roussos, a 6-foot-4, 310 pound, senior, is Bowling Green’s starter at right offensive
tackle. Roussos and his teammates host Idaho Saturday in the Falcons’ home
opener. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.
‘‘It’s been instilled in me that everything you want in life you can get by really
working hard and taking advantage of opportunities,’’ Roussos said. “The
importance of work ethic and building relationships with people that’s been
great (at Bowling Green).
“We spend a lot of hours together, building relationships with teammates and
coaches,” he continued. “It’s a great group of people; we work hard and we beat
up on each other. But at the same time it’s a great group of guys. A large
amount of these guys are going to be at my wedding and they will be life-long
One thing that sets Roussos apart is his unselfishness, putting the team first.
After playing in 10 games as a freshman in 2009 at defensive tackle, including a
start against Idaho in the Humanitarian Bowl and starting the 2010 season on
defense, Roussos was asked by the Bowling Green coaches to change positions.
“It was a big deal for me,” Roussos said. “I didn’t have anything against the O-line,
but I was really geared up to play on the defensive line. I liked where I was
headed with that position.
“You never know where life is going to take you.”
It was accelerated on-the-job training from the start and Roussos was a quick study.
He started the last six games of the 2010 season at right tackle.
“It was whatever the team needs,” Roussos said, adding he got major support and help
from the offensive coaching staff, including line coach Bill Durkin and graduate
assistant Ian Pace.
“There were just countless nights, in between classes and staying after practice, to
watch film,’’ Roussos added. “I’m extremely grateful that I was brought into
such a lovely environment by those two coaches and the whole offensive staff.

‘‘It turned out to be great. I’m a better offensive linemen then I ever would have
been a defensive lineman.’’
“I love lining up next to him. We always get excited when we get to do a combo block
together,” said Bayer, who is BG’s starter at tight end.
Roussos said the biggest challenge in making the position change was in the style of
“I had to be more patient and let things sort out and just really learn the game of
football,” he said. “I had to get it down mentally, stay composed and focus on
the next play.”
He’ll be making his 20th straight start at right tackle against Idaho.
“Jordan is certainly one of our best linemen and I feel comfortable this year, that
he is a good offensive tackle,” BG head coach Dave Clawson said. “He knows what
to do, he understands defenses. He’s so much further along than he was two years
ago when we moved him in the middle of the season and even a lot further along
that he was last year.
“We expect a big year out of him.”
Roussos’ middle name — Aristotle — is very special to him. Roussos is proud of his
Greek heritage and has Aristotle, his grandfather’s name, tattooed on his right
Bayer said his teammates might give Roussos a little grief over the name from time to
time in the locker room.
“I won’t say what we say to him. Artistotle is something that is important to him. I
can’t blame him for getting a tattoo,’’ Bayer said.
An individualized studies major, Roussos plans to graduate in May and he hopes to get
a chance at the National Football League.
“I want to stick around here, take some classes and take a shot on NFL Pro Day and
the next level and see what happens,” Roussos said. “The NFL that’s been a dream
since I started playing football and I would be so blessed to be able to have an
“But I have been so blessed up to this point. I am just thankful for where I’m at
right now … everything else is gravy.”

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