To the Editor: Reader voices concerns about BG’s Stroh Center


Mr. Thomas, you hit the nail on the head about the Stroh Center. I too, bought season tickets to the
women’s basketball home games.
At this moment I wish I didn’t.
I am thinking very heavy about not coming back next year. I don’t feel safe in the Stroh Center. It’s
like being in another country them watching to catch someone doing something.
All I hear is, don’t do this don’t do that. A little girl was just hanging out from her seat when the tin
soldier came along and said she has to sit in her seat. A lady was turned away because she had a bottle
of water. Can you believe that? A bottle of water.
I won’t pay the high price for water, but because I have health issues I have to go into the bathroom and
get water. It’s the most awful place I have had to experience in my life.
Look around people and see who really supports the Stroh Center. The tin soldiers better have a search
warrant before they go through my things.
Now come on, don’t tell me we need at that security for protection. I won’t believe that. I want to be
able to enter the Stroh Center without tin soldiers standing there looking me over to see what I am
sneaking in. If I want to be treated like this I can cross the ocean and find it.
The coach’s have power to control a lot of this and if you wait too long it’s going to be too late and
there is no coming back. I am surprised this has gone on this long. I can go to UT and be treated better
than here. They know how to treat their fans. This isn’t the Detroit Pistons arena either, it’s just
BGSU players.
Stop trying to make it something it isn’t. Stop showing off and pay attention to what the fans are trying
to tell you. Look around coach, there are a lot of empty seats. Keep this up and you won’t have many
Jaci Aldrich
Bowling Green

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