Selling a home? Clean closets, scrub kitchen


Here are some staging tips to make your home look bigger, brighter and ready to buy.
¥ Consider curb appeal
You may not have the funds for a professional landscaper, but homeowners should make sure lawns are
freshly mowed, leaves raked, and paths cleared.
Scrub the front door, porch, railings and steps, pick up a new mailbox and welcome mat, and add a fresh
coat of paint where needed.
Add seasonal potted plants and a bench to the entryway to welcome visitors into a clean, fresh and
relaxing space.
¥ Forgo Family Photos
You may consider it the crown jewel of the living room, but future buyers will see outdated family photos
as years of wear and tear.
Clear the room of family portraits and other items that say "you don’t live here" to buyers.

¥ Rearrange and Refresh
Arrange the room in a conversational way.
You may have preferred for every piece of furniture to face the television, but potential buyers will
appreciate more of an open room vignette.
¥ Kitchen Clean Up
Kitchens play a big part in home resale value, so make sure buyers are impressed. Spend extra time
scrubbing, cleaning and de-cluttering, and make sure counters are clear of appliances.
Re-stain shabby cabinets, replace any mismatched hardware, add fresh cut flowers, turn on lights and open
curtains for a clean, bright and attractive gathering space.
¥ Let In Some Air
Keep stuffiness and odors at bay by opening windows for at least 10 minutes prior to showing.
Go easy on the air freshener, but bring in fresh cut flowers for a natural look and smell.
¥ What’s Behind Door #3?
While shoving everything into a closet has been your go-to cleanup plan since your teen years, potential
buyers will undoubtedly look behind every door in your home.
Keep bedroom, linen closets and storage spaces neat and tidy to avoid any embarrassing surprises.
¥ Scrub Until it Sparkles
Clean bathrooms until they look like the model sets at Home Depot.
Signs of use, like soap scum and toothpaste stuck to the sink, will turn buyers off. Replace any outdated
fixtures with sleek and modern ones, and add fresh cut flowers to help with aroma and appearance.
¥ Sleep Tight
Keep bedrooms neutral, comfortable and spacious.
Buyers want to picture themselves relaxing here, so use soft colors, light scents and earth tones to
"set the mood." Make bedrooms appear larger by limiting items in the room to a bed, dresser
and small seating area for the Master Bedroom.
Update any outdated bedding and use a lavender oil diffuser to keep relaxation a priority here.
¥ Better Backyard
Outdoor living spaces have become exponentially more important to potential buyers. Treat your back deck
or patio like any other room in your home.
Scrub down patios, touch up worn fences and banisters, and make sure your yard is free of clutter.
A few decorating touches can make your space much more than just a "backyard."
Cover a worn picnic table with a bright tablecloth and replace worn chair cushions with new ones.
(Information from Sure Fit,

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