Arrests made in Portage and Weston burglaries


Two men were arrested following burglary incidents reported Monday and Saturday
in the county.
One of the men also was charged with assault.
According to the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, at 11:01 a.m. Monday a burglary was reported at a
residence in the 23000 block of Euler Road, Weston. A male resident reported that sometime over the
weekend someone had entered the home/ Footprints were observed around the exterior of the residence, and
$350 in currency and $2,000 worth of jewelry were reported missing from the residence. A $500 steel door
was also damaged.
The couple had been away from the home Friday, Saturday and Sunday at different times each day, and when
returning on Saturday, saw that the driveway had been plowed. They said that Tyler Kramp, Weston, had
plowed the driveway last year and that he and other members of his family had permission to hunt on the
While officers waited for a detective, a pickup truck drove onto the property and Kramp exited towards a
wooded area behind the barn. He said he had plowed the driveway Friday and was there to retrieve a tree
stand from the woods.
The deputy noted that Kramp’s boot impressions matched those leading to the house. After the arrival of
the detective, subsequent investigation and an interview of Kramp, he was placed into custody and
arrested on a charge of burglary.
On Saturday at 11:11 a.m., a deputy responded to a 911 call from a female who advised that her
ex-boyfriend had kicked in the door to her apartment in the 200 block of North Findlay Street, Portage,
and was now inside. She provided the address and the call ended abruptly.
Two other men were in the apartment; one told the deputy that his friend had just been beaten up and the
door kicked in. The man who had been assaulted advised that Fred Leastman Jr., Grelton, who was in the
room and identified as the female’s ex-boyfriend, had hit him in the eye.
The woman said that while she was sleeping one of the men told her that Leastman was outside. She heard
several loud strikes to the exterior door and then went into the bathroom to contact the sheriff’s
office. Leastman reportedly grabbed the phone and disconnected the call. He then reportedly had
assaulted one of the men and the woman. He also reportedly broke the woman’s telephone.
The uninjured man left the residence to ask for help at houses nearby but was not able to contact anyone.

Leastman was arrested and charged with burglary, disrupting public service, and two counts of assault.

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