To the Editor: Red Cross can help prepare people to help in emergencies


I would like to thank the Sentinel-Tribune for publishing two front page articles highlighting some
extraordinary heroes in our community. Those individuals all went above and beyond to help a neighbor,
friend, family or a stranger during a personal emergency.
They knew what to do because of the life-saving training they received in the Boy Scouts, the Army and
with their local American Red Cross. The article emphasized the importance of being prepared by having
the skills to respond to emergency situations.
We believe individuals who learn how to save lives through first aid and CPR are heroes, as are the
people who teach them those skills. Our community is a safer place because of them.
Being prepared makes life’s challenges easier to handle. A little planning can help you be ready to take
action and possibly save someone’s life. Contact us to take a CPR and First Aid class today!
Chris Diefenthaler
Director, Wood County District
American Red Cross

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