To the Editor: Middle School did good job of honoring vets


After the events at the Bowling Green Middle School on Veterans Day, I felt compelled to write this
Our values, what they stand for and what it cost to maintain those values were displayed by the city
government, the school administration, veterans’ organizations in Bowling Green, the BGSU ROTC program,
the middle school student body, its choir, its band, the veterans and active duty armed forces in
This shows what we as a country have rallied to do over the ages to make the United States of American
what it is today.
The speech of a "true" hero and his approach that we are all heroes who have served our country
is the true spirit of freedom. I thank all who gave of their time to honor our veterans in attendance
and those who have gone before from World War II through the present. This was a wonderful tribute by a
great community in our very great new facility which was built by what we saw today, unity. Thanks again
to everyone.
Richard E. Lambert
Bowling Green

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